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While a friend was visiting from the east coast, he was complaining about the smell coming up through the toilet in his 5th Wheel. As campers ourselves, his complaint was fully understood. After questioning how he was keeping his holding tank. He explained that when he first got his camper, nobody told him not to leave the waste gate valve open while using full hookups at a campground. He was relieved to hear that he was not the only person who was not properly instructed on hookups. When asked how he cleaned it out after that. He was directed by fellow campers to dump chemicals down the toilet. They made the smell worse, he said. Then someone else told him to dump bags of ice down the toilet and drive with it in the tank. That did not work either.

This conversation brought Happy Crapper RV to its beginnings. Our Co-Founder Dean, started to design a system that would clean and sanitize a black holding tank that would sanitize without chemicals and be good for the environment. Dean’s 25 years’ experience as an RV claims adjuster, and an RV’er himself. Dean brought the system to our Veteran Co-Founder Greg for an opinion from his 20 years in the RV insurance and RV Warranty underwriting industry as well as an RV’er as well.

They tested the system, and they were pleased with the outcome. Dean & Greg formed a partnership and created the business to bring this necessity to RV’ers around the country. Besides the actual process of sanitizing your camper, we also believe we should educate campers on the operation of their waste system. The foundation of the company was built around serving others like our veterans. The founders decided to give back to our veterans by donating 5% of net revenues to the Magnus Veteran Foundation.

We recommend that you “Sanitize B4 You Winterize” to those that live in the northern states if stored away for the winter. If you use your camper year-round, or stay in it for months at a time, we recommend at least twice a year.

The bottom-line is that we are a Veteran founded company that is devoted to God…Country and Our Veterans.

We want to help RV’ers to understand their RV waste system and how it affects the environment with improper care and chemicals. We are very conscientious about the environment.

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We believe in giving back to our fellow warriors.

Happy Crapper RV will donate 5% of net sales to Magnus.

The Magnus Foundation is a real boot on the ground operation. They provide health care to all veterans at no cost. The foundation was founded on five performance pillars.

After 20 years of war, our warriors need help in returning to life back home.

Helping veterans and their families – Magnus Veterans foundation